Saturday, November 29, 2008

Simmering down

After my last post about Albanian independence, I thought a little respite from such intellectual calisthenics was in order.  So this is simply a "howdy" kind of thing.  I have been working on the inside of the garden "cottage", finishing the windows and doorways out, insulating and putting sheathing up on the walls.  Almost all of the materials are scraps I had laying around.  I am glad to be rid of it all, and having put it to good use.  It makes a smaller pile to move to the back of the property, away from behind the big barn.  Now we will do something to beautify that area, so the studio is more attractive.  It would be nice to rent the studio as a B&B for some time this year- the prices for such things around here are outrageous, and occupancy is 100% most of the summer.  

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