Thursday, December 4, 2008

G9 Panoramas

As you may know, I have been working to improve my panorama photo taking. This is the only way I know to really get the sense of space I sometimes see in the outdoors, and I suppose indoors too, though I have not ventured there yet. In France last fall, I really had the chance to work on some of these big shots, and the G9 is designrd to make the picture taking easy. While the lens is only a 35mm equivalent of 35mm, by using the panorama toolsfrom Canon e can make thi work quite well for big landscapes, with some effort. So voila, I have finally made the panos. I used Photostitch software from Canon.

In one, I merged 15 photos to show the sky over the Atlantic in Bretagne. The outcome was satisfactory. I remembered to take more shots than I thought I would need, and indeed did find that two were redundant so not used. In fact, when they were in the mix they made the program go a bit bonkers, and it could not figure out what the heck I was asking it to do. But the remaining 15 stitched up to make a pretty cohesive image. It is easy to see why the pros use a good tripod with a panoramic head though- my sea seems to have some rather choppy sections. And those I shot from a boat! They could make you reach for the scopalomine! In others, I was reminded how hard it is to ensure I have taken photos with sufficient overlap- sometimes I have a section that is truncated, like the Saveteurs boat house in the harbor at Trevignon. This is harder than it seems when you are out there, "on location" as the photographers say, and your points of reference get confused. This is the part that will take practice- a skill.

New Album 12/1/08 9:33 PM

You can see some results by clicking on the album above. I am happy with this little camera, and would not trade it for the new G10- I like the reach at the long end of the zoom.

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