Friday, December 12, 2008

Kydex holsters

It occurred to me the other day, that I carry some things on my belt, or have things I would like to carry on my belt- phone and multitool. And I am not alone. I talked to a guy the other day who had a flashlight, a multitool, and a phone on his. I see it all over the place.

But take my Leatherman sheath. I hate it. It is hard to get open when I am contorting and need the tool. It is even harder to get the tool back into it when I am done- it turns into a two handed process. My pistols are much easier to use, due to the nice Kydex holsters I have for them. It is a great material, and making holsters out of it is only one of many uses for this plastic. You have seen it in many places, like all over the cockpits of airplanes, as cases for electronics and medical equipment, wall covering, as parts of playgrounds. It's best feature is that it is so formable, using a heat gun or toaster oven, and then it will conform to a mold very accurately.

So what if I applied this material to my need for good holsters that are more functional than the usual clip on plastic and nylon type junk? And so another thing to do. I bought some sheets online. They are trimmings off of other projects, so are relatively cheap, but the thickness is too great, so I will consider them test materials. Then I started drawing the kind of holsters I want for my tools. Easy to access/return the tool, small, secure. Next I made some patterns of the designs. I am ready to make the forming box next, since I will use the pressure method of forming (not vacuum, which gives slightly less detail, but is better in production), and since my patterns are a bit complicated, I will have to design the forming process in steps.

Stay tuned. There may be a hobby/business opportunity in here somewhere- I already have the name and logo chosen.

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