Monday, December 15, 2008

Phoney Baloney- the saga continues

This is my new temporary obsession. There are several challenges, and pitfalls to be avoided. Mapping the choices is complex and contradictory. By now I have found a few options for getting the best deal. Wirefly is a good one, with the deepest discounts on the hardware, and if you are very careful, you can get the right plan. Easier to use, and less aggressive at trying to upsell the plan is LetsTalk, though the discounts on the phones is not extremely good. If you spend enough time and are patient, you will get virtually the same deal at either web store. Another option is Walmart, they may do just about as well, coming out in the middle of the two sites I mentioned.

When buying online, the option of going back to the store to trade for a phone that is more to your liking is not available, so you better know what you want, and what you are getting. If you haven't handled the phones you are considering, you are taking a big risk. So the search continues. This is what I want this week.

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