Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the Reply to my Reply to his Reply

So, a few minutes later, a swift response from to my reply. From the IMA robot:

The e-mail address you have contacted does not accept direct email. If you have sent this message in error please disregard this reply.

If you are attempting to communicate with a Member of Congress, please visit the U.S. House of Representatives "Write Your Rep" website at

The opportunity to respond is severly hampered when you can only send notes that are about the size of SMS messages, but the Congressional staff can reply with a position statement. Does anyone think anyone in Washington is listening to us? Is it any wonder that Lobbying is the only way to impact these people?

Of course, I will jump through the hoop, and go to the website, and fill in my information and send a snippet to the esteemed honorable representative.

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