Friday, February 6, 2009

Gun Rights Under Threat

We have seen the market for ammunition and guns go through the stratosphere since the election. Reloading supplies are very difficult to find, prices have skyrocketed, and backlogs at manufacturers are rivaling Boeing's! The fear about the Obama Administration's policies and actions toward gun owners is palpable. It may be hysterical. It may be accurate. It certainly bears watching. If you own a gun, or want to preserve the practical right to own one, as provided for in the 2nd Amendment, you should be paying attention. For whatever reason the party now in power has a track record of opposing that right. Shooting sports, hunting, self protection are all at risk, and the risk never diminishes. But is it as critical as we fear? Here is an article from Reason magazine looking at the intentions of the Obama administration. Please read it.

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