Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quest for Pizza

Serious Pie is another Tom Douglas restaurant in Seattle.  Very different from his Lola, Serious Pie seems to capitalize on the bakery business channel.  It is a bare bones, no holds barred place to get a serious pizza pie.  Don't expect real service, or real decor.  Just sit down, order from the lean, focused menu, and wait.  It  is worth it.

We stopped in on a rainy late afternoon.  As it should be, the big wood fired deck oven greeted us and enthralled us.  After 30 some years of pizza, like everyone else, I can't look away from the make table and the oven.  Do they know what they are doing?  Are the ingredients worthy?  Is the food handled properly, or as they now say on the the Food Network, "respected"?  Yes, yes, yes, yes...  Oh, and those sausages hanging to the right, yep, they are serious too.  The great thing about the late afternoon is the basic, common sense approach to business.  How about itty bitty pizzas that replicate the regular ones at a third of the cost, or $5?

Great value, and a way to encourage trial and sample the menu.  We had 4- the Yukon Gold Potato, Chantrelle Mushroom, Peppers and Sausage, Gorgonzola and Squash.  The magic of the Serious Pie is the crust.  Hearty, light.  Big cell structure, bubbly and blistered.  Tender and perfectly chewy. Every single one.

Pizza perfection.

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