Friday, February 12, 2010

#Best Burger- The Cedars at Dungeness

Why wouldn't you find a great burger at a golf course?  Think about it- guys livin the life, beer, who cares about diets?  Unless your golf course is set in a community with an average age of 62 that skews female due to mortality rates, where flavor is forgotten.  But it could happen.  Really.

It doesn't take great ingredients to make a good burger.  Start with a $9 price to set expectations at the low end.  Serve it in a coffee shop/bar and grill/club house/casino atmosphere.  Give good service, the best around the area, add some "exotic" elements like frozen sweet potato fries.  Make it thick and ask how you want it cooked to give the impression of gourmetness.

At this point, as long as its not a mess, burned or raw, it will suffice.  And it does.  100% Sysco type ingredients, no mistakes, and you have a decent burger meal.  But I would go to the other things on the menu- they do a very, very good job with fish here.  Get the Cabo Fish Tacos!  Now you have good service, very good food and a great view.  If you want to golf, go for it!

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