Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mini Review- KenTacoHut

We live in the sticks. At least YUM! Restaurants thinks so. In an area with 2 Walmarts, we have a only a single multi-branded Taco Bell- KFC. Well, at least its not a kiosk in a gas station!

We love Taco Bell, and I love KFC. Beteween us we have more than 30 years of service with what is now YUM Brands. We are shareholders. End of disclosure.

The Port Angeles multibrand unit is not the worst run franchise I have ever seen. It is in the bottom quartile.

Now if you think fast food restaurants are all crappy, you are wrong. Many are as good as ever, in quality and cleanliness, if not food quality. But they also are sensational value and models of consistent safety.

If you want an example, go to a McDonalds in France. I have blogged about it here. A model of hiring and training in a society known for its inability to execute.

But back to Port Angeles. This place is dirty, service is slow, brand identity a mess. Employees are slovenly and gripe all day. The food is what it should be though, so all in all, I will come back for a cheap Taco Bell fix. My expectations are so low!


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