Friday, February 26, 2010

Restaurant Review- Affordable Breakfast

How hard can it be?  A basic breakfast, cooked well and served quick, for a decent price?  In Sequim, darn near impossible.  When in town, I eat breakfast with a few friends weekly.  We went to the Old Mill for a couple of years, but some of us tired of getting eggs cooked wrong, empty coffee cups and high bills.  We formed a radical breakfast splinter faction, and started to explore.

Tarciscio's was better, a bit pricey, but decent service and usually well prepared food.  Just not consistent in any category.  We tried the 7 Cedars Casino- big mistake- a buffet breakfast that would do a Holiday Inn proud, along with a crazy in-line wait to get in with a special membership card.  We were pissed before sitting down.  Things went downhill from there.  Oh well, it was cheap, and worth the price.  

Then for some reason we went to the golf course- Dungeness.  Owned by the same folks as the casino, so our expectations were low.  Serendipity!  The server was helpful, suggesting a breakfast that appears on no menu, which included coffee, meat potatoes, eggs, toast for $7!!  Well what the hell!  We all ordered it differently, expecting the food to come messed up.  We were wrong- it was properly cooked and each of us got what we wanted.  The only problem, the hash browns and toast was very lightly cooked.  On subsequent visits some of us started asking for these to be well done, and the response from the kitchen was just right.  Now the server remembers how we like our meals cooked and confirms it with us each time.  She does a great job keeping coffees full, and is cheerful and attentive.  

The atmosphere is just a golf course club house, but the view is really nice- green, lush with some big fir trees and a manicured golf course below us out the windows.

All this for $7!  I keep going back every week, and enjoy it.  

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