Sunday, February 21, 2010

Resume Sunday

We spent this sunny Sunday morning writing resumes for our partners to use when they sell our collective services to clients.  We both hate doing this.  It is really mind-explodingly aggravating.  We have not really used a resume to get a job in many, many years.  But everyone wants one.  Like business cards they get passed around, and have a prestige cache that businesses crave like a security blanket no one uses, but is there.  

Oh, and that bullshit about Linkedin or Facebook replacing resumes?  Ha Ha! The only ones who think so are so deep geek they don't even matter outside of their mother's basement world.  

And at this stage of life, having to put our resume into a format that is dictated by someone else just goes to show, once again- no one doesn't have a boss.  Except a US Senator.  They don't have a boss because that implies they are part of a system of productive effort.  Ha Ha again!

Anyway, this therapeutic rant is over.  The resumes are done.  Once we got past the egotism it went well.  We do have to admit to being proud of the many accomplishments professional we would have long forgotten if we didn't have to relive it all for resumes.  Thank you.  

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