Sunday, March 28, 2010

Restaurant Review- Blue Moon Burgers

Is there a hamburger worth seeking out is Seattle?  This town has overestimates it's culinary perspicacity, and when it comes to this American comfort food, I wonder how it can be that a good burger is so hard to find.  Nevertheless, my son and I dauntlessly quest for this grail of guy satisfaction here in the Emerald City.

Blue Moon is like any other burger joint of recent development.  Counter service, light weight faux industrial design, and modest size.  Featuring hand cut fries of two shapes, hand made malts and shakes, and natural beef burgers including a Blue Hawaiian.  I opted for classic straight fries, not waffly ones, and classic cheeseburger with American cheese to go with my vanilla malt.

The malt was good, not great.  The fries were great, not good.  They burger tasted like meat, a tribute to doing it right.  The bun was lightly toasted and got out of the way of the burger, as it should be.  The secret sauce (reminder of one of the many classic scenes in Fast Times at Ridgemont High), was tasty and balanced.  And the lettuce was crisp pieces of iceberg.  Exactly what I have been looking for, and exactly the right crunchy texture to compliment the work that went into the meal.

Overall, this is the best place yet for a burger in Seattle.  Prices are fair, food is good, and well, the hamburger is really good.  Go there.  Do it now.

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