Thursday, March 18, 2010

Restaurant Review- Traylor's

A fishy coffee shop.

When you first walk in you think: "Coffee shop!".  The eating counter is lined with high backed chairs on pedestals.  The booths are cushiony and high backed.  The smell is not quite fryer, not quite grill, not quite musty.  But it is also not quite unpleasant.  Odd.   Muted conversations of people who are clearly regulars resonate from so many soft surfaces.  Certainly this 50 year old institution has seen better days, like in the 70's when it was last remodeled?  But curiously, unlike many of its aged peers in the area, the clientele is mixed.  Not everyone is over 60.  Workers and families, Goths and Blue Hairs.  Hmmm, what the hell?

Menu breadth to please as broad an audience as possible. Steaks, pasta, sandwiches, a wide variety of seafood. Prices are surprisingly high- like those old steakhouses that are on the fringe of being institutions, the kind you find in small towns.  So why do you see working men and women here?  Young families?  Well, lets see.  How about we notice that the menu features seafood.  Lots of it.  Amazingly, there are not many good fish houses on the peninsula.  Fish is an export crop out here.  But at Traylor's, order the fish.  Specifically, fish and chips- either cod or halibut.  The batter is light, sweet, salty a bit glistening, and good.  The fish is cooked perfectly.  And by that I mean perfectly- just a few seconds past translucent, perfect big flakes, tender and tasty.  It is not easy to fry like this.  

It is too bad the fries aren't up to the fish.  They are average, not fresh.  Lazy.  Cheap. Unbalanced.

When a restaurant is open for more than 50 years, that is kinda cool. Something must be going right.  At Traylors it still is. It is worth going back here.  Just not a worth making a special trip.

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