Friday, April 2, 2010

Breadmaker Bread

There is nothing so fundamentally satisfying than a great loaf of bread.  But we consume a fair amount of what I call "role player" bread.  Grilled sandwiches, foundation for gravy, toast for dipping into eggs, etc.  The kind of bread that gets consumed, rather than enjoyed.  We buy that kind of bread at the grocery store, eschewing the $5 loafs of delicious looking bakery bread in the end caps.  Imagine! a baguette for $4, or a pain compagne for $5!  No wonder there was a revolution.

So we take matters into our own hands and employ the old breadmaker.  An Oster that makes a serviceable square loaf.  Load it up, turn it on, enjoy the aroma, eat bread.  Cheaper, easier, better than store bought.

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