Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cutting Tools- great moments in human advancement

The weather was sunny and warming after a few days of squalls, so I set myself up in the front of the garage, opened the door to bask in the sun out of the wind, and went at it.  Time to get out the knives we use every day and the waterstones, and dress up the edges.  These tools are uniformly well thought out and made by a Canadian born, Japanese apprenticed 17th generation swordsmith who now lives in Oregon. Murray Carter. 

Sharp edges are probably man's second tool, and arguably the most used one in history.

The results were OK, though I always think I want to learn this skill to a higher level.  Time to invest in some training with a master?  Below are my Murray Carter tools.


Ted Amadeus said...

Beauties all...I love cutlery.

Paul said...

Me too, though I have managed to get my jones under control recently. The neck knife in the photo is my EDC.