Monday, April 26, 2010

T is for, well, This is a Restaurant

The boys and I went here in Port Townsend on a rather sunny, rainy Saturday.  T's sits at the end of the end of the marina and state park.  It takes advantage of its location with a nice patio, screened from the wind, and a view of the Strait and the marina.  The decor is tastefully nautical, with some really bright local paintings.  Sparsely decorated, the windows are the focal point and most seats have a good view- well thought out!  This little enclave in Port Townsend is dedicated to traditional boat building crafts, a fun place to appreciate work and honest labor.  More on that when we talk fries.

The menu is, as you would expect, waterfront pub- fish and seafood dominate, with a cheesesteak and hamburger to keep balance.  The first two choices on the menu are a half pound burger and fish and chips. I didn't have to read further, since these are the two things I seem to gravitate to when I go out.  But a half pound burger?  C'mon! that's a bit much.  I wanted it, but I hate to leave food I paid for on the plate, or to overeat.  Fish n chips it is.

I asked if they make their own fries- "No".  Why oh why do restaurants take the lazy way out on this simple step?  Do "chefs" really think the frozen products are better than fresh?  What makes them so afraid of the fry?  How can anyone present themselves as serious about food and not make these kinds of accompaniments from fresh? Especially when the name of the dish features the fry! When your business neighbors dedicate themselves to hand crafting wooden boats from timbers, you would think a restaurant would dedicate itself to crafting food from basic quality ingredients.   Well, another lost opportunity, another proprietor lacking the drive to excel.

In spite of this, the owners must be complimented on capitalizing on the unique location with a great site, including a patio that is inviting and presents a clear view of the always interesting marina.  Oh, and I would go back- the fish was perfectly cooked, perfectly!  The batter was light, and delicate, just the right side of tempura.  It could use more seasoning, but that is better than being too salty, isn't it?  Go to T's to eat.

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