Monday, May 10, 2010

Bill Mason lives on in our paddles

Last fall my son and I had a great day of fishing at Blue Lake.  It is a quality fishing area, with restrictions on watercraft and tackle.  It was to Blue Lake we went first, because the canoe is our favorite boat.  We drifted the lake in front of the wind, casting and dragging our lures hoping to tempt a strike.  We watched a big osprey work the water, also to no avail.  Two families of Canada Geese were shepherding their goslings around the lake.  It was a good morning indeed! Bill Mason, patron of canoeing

It felt good to feel the glide of our canoe through the water, and the bend of the paddle as the old strokes perfected by Indians and trappers came back to our muscle memory.  If you ever have a chance to paddle pristine lakes, this may be the best way to enjoy them.  If you want to enjoy this experience vicariously, the best way I know is to find a video of Bill Mason.  Waterwalker is one.  My description can’t do this artist/activist/videographer’s work.  They cry for better production value, but like the video “Alone in the Wilderness”, they are precious. 

Tomorrow- WIND! 

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