Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Off to Austin

Before leaving, we manicured the lawn and  gardens, and put everything in order.  It was magnificent looking in yesterday’s sunset!  With a morning departure and a two and a half hour drive to Seatac, we rose early- fishing early!  It was easy to get up, and as usual, I beat the alarm.  Wednesday travel is normally a breeze, and today was no exception.  Walked through security, secured a latte and waited, watching the people.  I had a nice nonstop flight on Alaska, so no travel turmoil.  I looked for our daughter to arrive as I was leaving, but we missed each other by minutes- she will be planning the wedding with mom while I am gone to see my mom- symmetry. 

Upon takeoff, we flew between the great Cascade peaks, just north of Mt St Helens, and south of Ranier.  You could see the size of the blow out on St Helens and the growing bulge in the crater, as well as the string of volcanoes tailing off to California like a gigantic infantry column.  

I spent some of the flight with a French language lesson.   Sadly, very basic, and little new learning for me, so my money was ill spent.  Dinner on arrival will be at a landmark BBQ joint in Lockart, Blacks. Can’t wait!  

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