Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Is there anything more “connecting” than photographs?  We digitize everything that strikes our fancy, storing terabytes of image data depicting every act no matter how unimportant.  Does that seem shallow, or to devalue the images?  Well consider this:  I have been looking over the photos my dad sent home that document some of his life in the Army Air Corps in Europe.  The most interesting ones, the ones that tell a story are the most innocuous, those showing him horsing around (really?  My dad acting like a kid?  I can’t recall that side of him at all), the ones that show what it was like, and the backgrounds of the snapshots showing little villages that still exist, but are changed.  The pictures of Lac Anecie and Big Ben, the postcards and professional series, they are nice, but not worth any real study.  So snap away, save the moments your children will cherish.  

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