Monday, May 31, 2010

The Piano

We stopped in the local piano emporium to pay for lessons, and the owner was working on some music for an upcoming event.  He likes the M, so spent an hour with us showing us some of his compositions and teaching about pianos.  It is remarkable that this man has been a professional pianist for all of his life, working regularly on the stages of the world.  He writes prolifically.

For some reason the piano bug bit me.  Not to play- that would be hopeless, but to learn about this most modern of classical instruments.  I can hear enough to appreciate different pianos, and find the qualities really enhance M's work.

In our luddite world, M finds the iPhone to be a great tool for finding piano pieces on You Tube that she can use for self-instruction.  The iPhone handles these vids as easily as if they were text messages.

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