Sunday, May 23, 2010

Real Rain

When you live in the Northwest, it comes as a soft blanket of wet, so gentle that you don't stop working outside unless you want to.  Hearing thunder where we live is an event that people talk about like feeling an earthquake in LA.  When you live in places like Texas, rain comes in storms.  Today it is a rainy day in Texas.  That means that inside, all day, the lights are on, and outside is dark.  The rumble of thunder is continual, occasionally near enough to rattle the house a bit.  The base line it plays varies between a continuing roll and strong crashes.  The wind has a chill to it as the storms work the air currents to feed themselves.  A strange feeling possesses me, to shelter.  And the weather radio alerts keep coming, now with flash flood warnings. Here, only ¼ inch of rain, but the thunder tells us somewhere it is wetter!  We had a few storms, with lots of thunder and lightning, and a couple of inches of rainfall.  It was great!

Tomorrow- is this the decline of Starbucks?

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