Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Day in the City

Bright lights, shopping, crowds. The city is always an exciting place to visit. 

Once parked, I look up my favorite barista for a cup of Kona coffe brewed on the Clover machine. Then I am ready to join the throng on the street at 5:00. Naturally I hit a stride of just more than 4MPH. Got to move along the streets, dodging, weaving, timing the lights.  

The variety of sights, of places to stop for coffee and a bite to eat.  Cupcakes?  Doughnuts? Taverns?  Its all here.  A veritable cornucopia of indulgences.  All designed to line someone's pockets with your money.

I enjoy coming to the city, this or any other.  As much, I enjoy going home.  

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