Monday, June 14, 2010

iPhone4 Pre Order Dilema

The opportunity to pre-order an iPhone4 begins!  A few things to consider:
Should I get one?
Should I get it now?
Should I have it shipped to my home?
Should I order from Apple, AT&T, or Radio Shack?

The last question is an interesting one.  Apple has really planned to open up the initial availability with Walmart, Radio Shack, Best Buy, Apple and AT&T selling with pre-orders and first day available.

Apple seems the winner- the phone comes ready to use.  Radio Shack is compelling to "reward" their sponsorship of the cycling team.  The others, meh.  Of course, I could just wait and go down to my local Walmart or Radio Shack to buy one, after handling it.  That would support local retail.  But, will they be out on opening day?  It is not likely they have many relegated to this neck of the woods.

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