Monday, June 7, 2010

Juan de Fuca Festival

Small town festivals are always nice diversions.  In Port Angeles they have the Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, or the JFFA.  The dissonance between the name of the festival and the acronym represent the irrelevance between the explorer Juan de Fuca and a Festival of Arts.  It can all be explained though, when you understand that Juan de Fuca was really Apostolos Valerianos, a Greek who sailed for Spain.  See?

The festival is a collection of arts and crafts vendors, professional fair food vendors, and several sets of musical performers.  We had a really bad cup of mocha, then strolled around a bit, and left with no inspiration.  Not a success, but we chose not to pay the $17 per person to go inside to listen to the musicians.  We sampled them on their individual websites, and that was enough.  I guess we were looking for some chamber music, or more originality.  The percussionists in the green were entertaining for a few minutes, but the repetitive nature of the rhythm got old quickly.  I did like the home-made instruments though.

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