Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So i got a call from Capital One Fraud division (wait for the irony...) and they want to know about a $1 charge from the Apple Store.  I do too.  I have no idea, but not wanting to get yet another Capital One card, tell em its OK.  By the way, they are tops on protection- I have had 3 cards now as they identify fraudulent use of my card.  Good security, just like Enemy of the State.  
So I say what the hell, try to call Apple again to see what they charged me for. 
Finally got thru on the 800- MY APPLE “customer Service” line. It kept asking for the confirmation number on the email, that probably went to the .mac account I can’t change in the account information in my Apple Store account. So after a while it transferred me to a human, which was a recording telling me there is too much volume and hung up on me.
Maintain perspective, this is just a damn phone. These are just people working within a complex system. Breath, breath. What a dog’s breakfast.

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