Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Talon 22 Test

I Took this pack for a few walks. It is my favorite day pack so far. I can't count the backpacks, rucksacks, mussette, portage packs, bags, daypacks and any other kind of shoulder schlepping pack there is. My ruck has evolved toward the ultra end of light. But for day hike I like to load up with all kinds of things like hand axes and stove sets. And I have taken to fast walking trails, at a lope.
Of the pack brands I like, Dana was a standout while in business. They were bulletproof and smart, effective at carrying mule sized loads. Most are still at work with younger, stronger people. After Dana, Osprey caught my eye. Made mostly in the US and with a few key features that surpass any other packs, they are light, comfortable and smart.
This is a Talon 22. It is small and basic, but comfortable when loaded. And at a run they stay put and stable. It works well.

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