Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adapting to iPhone

I have been spending hours working over the new iPhone features and apps. It is growing on me and I am getting over Blackberry. Interestingly, the hardware keyboard of the BB is an attribute I am not concerned about. I have push mail working well and messaging too. The note taking function is one I am currently working with to get it just right.

As I thought, the camera is a key feature that makes this phone more than a phone, and I am finding the games a positive aspect.


Anonymous said...

I got an iphone in early 2009, and it's the best mobile phone I've ever used. Much more user friendly than the Blackberry Curve that I had before.

The onscreen keyboard is much better for my big fingers and big hands than the tiny keys on the blackberry... the internet browser is excellent..

The only drawback I can see is the lousy battery life.. I think they fixed that problem with iPhone 4... how is the battery life on your phone?

Paul said...

My new post answers your question.