Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review #CrescentLakeLodge

A very limited lunch menu cam often translate to exquisite food. At the Lodge, this is not the case. But the portions are very small, so one is not left overwhelmed with a sense of self loathing about having eaten a bad meal. Until the bill arrives. It's stratospheric level no doubt reflects the true cost of operating a concession in a National Park in the state of Washington.

Run of the mill frozen fries accompanied 3 bits of fish "battered" in panko bread crumbs. How does one batter with bread crumbs?

Anyway, the service is the real bummer. Espressos can take 15 minutes to pull. Meanwhile you are talking over dirty plates trying to distract your guests from your embarrassment.

And why serve coffee in paper cups in the dining room? Even if they are compostable? Makes no sense. Any of it.

Update- went back again the next day. It was worse. Food served that wasn't nearly as described on the menu, soggy fries, even worse service, making the ridiculous prices even more stunning.

- Paul/ BlogPress/ iPhone

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