Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sonny's Restaurant Review

In Gainesville in the 60's Sonny started his regional BBQ empire. If memory serves, it was pretty damn good. Not any more, at least not on Dale Mabry in Tampa.

I tried all meats. The best, turkey, much like a supermarket deli slice smoked turkey. Then the brisket. It looked like brisket, but had little flavor. Pulled pork is a southern staple and house specialty. It was chewy, flavorless, unappealing. Then chicken, kinda tough, grayish, flavorless. Finally ribs, another house specialty. These were tough, rubbery, chewy, bad flavored. I left em on the plate.

So overall it was a dreadful experience. The bright side? On Friday evening the place was empty. One can only hope tat market forces prevail and this Sonny's closes soon. Replace it with a Smokey Bones and Tampa wins.

- Paul/ BlogPress/ iPhone

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