Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Blog Added to Exechobo Blogroll

In the column at the right I list a few blogs that I recommend you read.  I recently added one, and to keep from blog-bloat, I removed one.  First the bad news, Gregarious Loner is no longer shown.  I encourage you to keep reading, for the writing is really quite good.  I decided to de-list Gregarious Loner after a long internal debate, which arrived at the conclusion that brevity is the soul of wit.  I like that.  I may have it inscribed on a rug in my office and attribute it to Johnny Carson.  But I digress.

I became acquainted with Generation Y on Professor Matthew Perry's blog.  This is a blog run by a Cubana who is documenting her life.  It is important, and courageous.  Really so, not like a George Cloony movie courageous.  She lives in a repressive society that hassles her continually about her writing.  Go to Generation Y and read it.  It is important.

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