Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tabla- we ate a baby goat!

In Manhattan you find good restaurants every few blocks as you walk down the street. As we took a stroll one evening we were intrigued by Tabla, because the signage claimed it was a bread bar. Bread is to Maryvonne as doughnuts are to Homer Simpson.

Tabla is located in the Old Credit Suise building, a classic art deco with all the beautiful details and finishes. It is a very progressive Indian-American cuisine with a brief, varied menu and dishes as varied as heirloom tomatoes and baby goat. I had to try that. If it turns out tasty, Maryvonne has another argument for goats! And it was! It is like a rillette inside a banana leaf, with a luscious perfectly done crust. We also had a curried sea bass collar. Such a tasty part of the fish, and cooked like this the bones just fall out.

Indian spices flavor American foods. I predict this is a trend you will grow for years to come. We have a lot of catching up to do in discovering this cuisine.

The results of the kitchen was sublime. Such balanced and varied spices.

This is the kind of place the New York Times reviews, so I won't guild the lily. We liked it.

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