Friday, October 1, 2010

Bar Americain

Bobby Flay. The prototypical Food Network celeb chef. He is a brand powerhouse. Can he still run restaurants? Or rather, can his minions? Bar Americain is near the theater district, nearer to Lincoln Center than Time Square, geographically as well as conceptually.

The menu is uptown Flay, unmistakably all Bobby. Chiles. Sweet potatoes. Flavor! We slurped up the sweet potato clam chowder, overlooking the paucity of tough clams cause it was so tasty. The corn dodgers in the bread basket were wonderful as were the fries, the spoonbread and the shrimp grits. Though the latter appealed too much to my love of salt. My mistake was ordering chicken. It was tasty, bit chicken dry. Dessert would have been great, but we had enjoyed nirvana the night before at Craft.

Service was enjoyable- a thick Brooklyn accent and intensity in a classy joint. But the noise was too much. We couldn't hear ourselves, bit we did hear snippets if everyone else' conversations.

We walked out of Bar Americain arm in arm, into the rain.

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