Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chrysler Building

Walter Chrysler was truly a Titan of industry. He was an engineer, designer and executive of the first order. His ideas and designs drove not only the automotive industry, but American industry during it's nascent years. Like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in one.

In his prime he commissioned the Chrysler Building, to leave a legacy on the skyline of the greatest city on earth.

At the time, another developer was determined to leave a bigger shadow over the city. The ensuing race is a vignette of a titanic clash.

Chrysler, designer and engineer, was building a work of beauty, using then modern materials in the high gothic art-deco style.

His nemesis Pierre S Dupont financed half the Empire State Building, as part of a competition to build the worlds tallest building. Started in January 1930, it opened in May of 1931, yet another amazing construction project of the Depression.

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