Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seattle Adventure Part 3

Paseo makes us rethink geography. Why not, in the future, approach Seattle from the north via the Kingston Ferry so we can drive on Fremont and stop in?

Paseo is that good. Carribean cuisine is the second under-appreciated culinary profile worth learning.

We had a pork sandwich, and the flavors were remarkable. Jerk seasoning, cilantro, a flavorful aioli contributed to a memorable sandwich I will re-crave.

Nothing is perfect, and this little place missed on a couple of items. The bread is delicious. A sandwich sized baguette, and toasted, it is just a bit too toothsome for a sandwich like this. Bite after bite I had to reassemble the sandwich as it's innards popped out the sides. Messy is OK, but this was just not necessary. The other quibble is with the peppers. JalapeƱos. OK, not imaginative but legit. The issue is with using pickled peppers. Lazy! Fresh would have been far better.

Even so, these issues won't deter us from taking a northern approach to Seattle so we can stop here again and again.
- Exechobo

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