Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shake Shack

Uh oh! That was our first reaction upon the first bite of the Shake Shack burger. We came to scorn this NYC pretender who some have the temerity to compare to In-N-Out. Lemme tell ya. It is that good. More seasoning, better beef taste. BUT- the crisp iceberg lettuce and onion, and beautiful tomato slice are missing. The bun is too mushy. Not all there, but when your 2700 miles away, it works. Of course at 3 times the price, well what can you expect, corners have to be cut.

The fries? They beat the hell out of Jack In The Box. But for little more the fries at The Breslin are world class, and these aren't as good as the west coast champ's. And the concrete is better than a DQ Blizzard.

So will I crave Shake Shack like I do In-N-Out? We shall see. We shall see...

- Paul/ BlogPress/ iPhone


Melody206 said...

That was a fun blog post.I don't understand how it can really be a burger without the level lettuce, pickles, and tomato.

Paul said...

Ya know, the crispy iceberg lettuce leaf, the big red tasty tomato and the crunchy onion make the In-N-Out burger a more refreshing, more california taste. Could it be a regional thing? Or burger terroir?

Shake Shack said...

Dear Paul,

Thanks for sharing your first visit to Shake Shack on your blog. We're happy to hear you stopped by, and hope you'll join us again soon.


The Shake Shack Team