Thursday, October 7, 2010

Smokin Salmon

 Of course, the best smoked salmon is from a recipe I use.  Not my recipe.  The varieties of smoked salmon reflect its widespread uses and users.  From the barely smoked, thin sliced lox to the dry, chewy jerky product, there is a smoked salmon recipe to please any fish lover.

Here on the Olympic Peninsula, everyone has a personal smoked salmon recipe.  The Native People started it.  Their simple, hang it over a fire till its smoked method produces excellent smoked King salmon I am told.  The Alaskans here, and there are plenty, take a more involved approach.  One such fellow shared his secret recipe with us.  His resume is impressive.  Alaskan, cannery owner, salmon buyer, commercial fisherman and gourmand.  He has honed this process for a lifetime to get it perfectly balanced.  And it is.

Smoking salmon by his method is a commitment.  It takes at least two days, and some late night, early morning work to make it happen.  The results are worth it.  This is the BEST salmon you can eat.  Plain, pure and simple.

Oh, you thought I would give you some insight? No chance.  I entered a confidentiality agreement to get this recipe, and salmon smokers take this very seriously.

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