Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Working for Food

We are now executing plan F for lunch on Saturday. The list we worked through includes:
Crab Fest
Sabai Thai
Viaggio Pizza at the market
Cedar Brook Farm
These are the places we tried to eat at. I am perplexed with a restaurant industry that takes Saturday off. I had always found that day to be the second most profitable of the week, accounting for about 35% of the total weekly profit.

No, the hunger to succeed is muted out here. Except for Viaggio, who were rained out- the oven won't keel temp and the make table is unusable when wet!

But we actually benefitted from the long search for an open restaurant. We ended up at Alderwood Bistro.

This tiny place on Alder Street is a serious restaurant. Most important they take great care in planning and preparation of dishes made around local and regional food. Highly recommended.

- Exechobo

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