Friday, November 5, 2010


That is where I am, in the rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula west end.  M is holding the fort.  She has had enough firearm training to gain my full confidence that she is as likely as I to harvest our winter meat.

As I write this, the weather is Autumn perfect.  Crisp in the morning and bright, warm afternoons.  The smell of burning leaves and wood perfumes the air.  Too bad that just about 60 miles and 34 hours away it will be grey, rainy, wet and raining.  It will rain almost all the time.  Every day will bring rain.  Rain.  That is why it is a rain forest, and that is why we hunt elk there, to ensure that it will rain.  And to make sure we experience the rain.

Why do we love to hunt elk? Are you kidding!?  Have you ever been close to a Roosevelt Elk in the woods, with a rifle in hand?  Nothing can make one feel more intent, focused and in a zone.  These are the largest of the elk, and the herds on the Peninsula are in very good shape, especially after last year's mild winter.  If we manage to see one that is the right size, and in a place we can shoot, the entire group will be set for meat for the winter.

It beats deer hunting all to hell.

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