Thursday, November 18, 2010

Razor Clam Dig

Here in the Northwest we have traditions. When winter storms hit the coast, and the low tides come before sunup or after sunset, we dig razor clams. People head to the wide sand shoals the receding Pacific reveals as it retreats. They walk down to water's edge in small groups until there is a collection of hardy souls wandering in small patterns with eyes intent on the sand. You see a great slice of Northwest outdoorspeople.

In the center of this picture is a young family, with an infant less than a year old in her mother's arms. Was mom watching her husband dig? Or was she pointing out clam "shows" for him? No. She was down on her knees in the surf, baby cradled in one arm, the other digging after the clam up to her shoulder. What a great way to raise a kid!

At the end of the day the die-hards are still at it, headlamps and lanterns ablaze, looking for the last morsels of sweet claminess.

For us, we broke out pocket knives and sat around with glasses of Scotch, cleaning clams and bullshitting.

With a buttermilk soak, then some Zatterain's fish fry breading, and a 60 second dip in the hot oil jacuzzi, they are mild, sweet and delicious.

- Exechobo

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