Wednesday, December 29, 2010

American Joe's

We had been toiling to eat well during business travel, initiating ante-holiday dietary responsibility. It is challenging, but together we can do it! One of our tools, secondary to the iron will of Stalin, is, of course, an iPhone app. We are using My Fitness Pal. The logo is so gay, that coupled with the act of dieting, my testosterone has plunged to mere He-Man levels.

This restaurant is based in Boston, our visit
was in an upscale Jersey mall. It was packed at lunch, as it seems to be most of the time.

My hamburger, a house speciality, was perfectly cooked, tasty fresh beef, but a bit underseasoned. The bun was nice, and condiments thankfully restrained. This burger should be noticed. The fries are fresh cut and perfectly cooked.

Service was as good as it gets. Knowledgeable, attentive, quick and informative. Just the right balance of informality and professionalism, a real treat in itself.

The pictures show that the concept designer did a good job making this an upscale pub with strong northeast roots. The bathroom decor continued the theme, with rich stone finishes. Maintenance however, made a mockery of the effort. The bin was overflowing with paper towels, the sinks had water everywhere, the faucet was the wrong size, so there were rubber plugs in the granite counter where the original fixture was. The soap? Pink pump hand soap. Completely incongruous. Sound level at lunch was 70 to 90 db, a bit more than comfortable but OK.

- Exechobo

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