Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stumptown Roaster Cafe

In Brooklyn Stumptown Coffee runs a roastery, so it is normal they would have a cafe attached. Interesting that this cafe has no espresso, only coffee. Vacuum pots, french press, Chemex and Hario V-60 pour overs are the ways they brew coffee. And if you know Stumptown, you know they have a broad variety of exquisite, exclusive small batch beans roasted to individual perfection. They may be the gold standard of roasters at this time. We tasted a bean brewed on the Hario and on the Chemex. We all noted variations of flavor in the brew that were pronounced and intriguing. Such a fun window on what coffee can be!

Note the dark fashiony look of the photo- and is that Jackie-O?  It is that hip, Stumptown.


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