Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Indian Harvest Restaurant Review

Indian cuisine is the most under appreciated in the U.S. If you appreciate spice and flavor, this you can devote a lifetime to exploring it. When we have a chance, we like to indulge. Not being well acquainted with Indian food, it is an adventure as we learn our way.

When in the Chicago Burbs, we encountered a small chain called Indian Harvest, situated in secondary strip malls with non-descript signage. We would have been put off, but for the traffic that seemed to stream toward it. So we joined the flow.

As soon as we stepped inside we were glad we did.  Of course, Ganesha was there, hopefully removing obstacles for us and Indian Harvest. The decor is tasteful and the crowd seemed enthusiastic. Looking at the tables, the food seemed carefully plated.

We had lentils, eggplant, chicken tikka, chicken vindaloo, raitta, garlic naan. Each was very well prepared and as flavorful as any.  The vindaloo had a complexity and depth of flavor that elevated it beyond the mundane dish for heat eaters.  The chicken tikka was moist as well as flavorful, a rarity.  The raitta was chunky and plentiful, and the naan was fresh, and cooked perfectly.  If you are in the Fox Valley area, Indian Harvest is worth stopping for!
Truly an Indian Harvest!

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