Saturday, January 8, 2011

Restaurant Review Row House

With our favorite sandwich place closed for vacation, we needed an alternative, fast. We pulled over to talk about our options. Just as frustration with our lack of a back-up plan was mounting, Mrs. ExecHobo looked up to see we were parked in front of a cafe. We went in.

The setting is an attached residence. A row house. Inside is decorated in rustic fashion. Clean and neat, with a good aroma, we committed.

Row House is a counter service operation, serving Illy coffee and wine. The menu is about half drinks, but the food section seems well thought out for this type of operation. The lunch menu revolves around grilled cheese sandwiches, with some creativity. The daily specials add a bit of flare.

We had black eye pea soup, warm artichoke salad and a sandwich called The Louvre. It is a grilled cheese, with Brie, raisin- pecan bread and orange marmalade.

The food we had was fresh, tasty and well conceived. My only, minor critiques- the artichokes (prepped from fresh) had a few fibrous leaves left on, and The Louvre really could use a fork, so golly it is.

Stop in when you go to REI, it's just around the corner.

- Exechobo

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