Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Travel in China- Traffic Jam Rescue

In Bangkok when I was last there, traffic was continual gridlock during the workday. The only reason to ride in a car rather than walk was to preserve your lungs or carry heavy stuff.  A good part of the business day occurred in the back of the giant Citro├źn.  In the linked WSJ.com story they talk about rescue from gridlock, but here is a secondary market: meeting shuttle. 

No big shot fat cat, Chinese, Russian, Euro or American will get out of a limo to ride the back of a tiny screaming motorbike. Why not have your appointments shuttled to you?  Imagine the power statement, the ability to manage supplicants!  "Take the next guy to the provinces and dump him." "Hey dude, your moto is here, get out or walk." So many other great options!  Ride around taking meetings, living large, in limo opulence or maybe SUV spec ops mode, depending on your brand positioning. 

I first saw this story on Carpe Diem, Prof Mark J Perry's economics blog.  Check it out:

Markets in Everything: Traffic Jam Rescue

BEIJING - "With more Chinese people getting behind the wheel every day, traffic jams are a major headache in most cities ...

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