Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Duke's Chowder House

Airtravel from where we live entails a lot of planning just to get started. We sometimes stay overnight in Tukwilla and get parking bundled in. When we do that we couple a bit of Seattle side business.

Recently I visited the Southcenter Westfield Mall, which is always changing. Duke's Chowder House has been open for a few months, so I gave it a try.

I had plenty of time to study the decor as I waited for the hostess to appear. It is odd, clearly a. Attempt to be a fish house, but with rows of graphite rods as space dividers and rowing shells?

Once the hostess showed and looked at me till I mentioned I wanted to eat, I was pissed. She then tried to squeeze me into a table between two large groups. Nice. Now I took an attitude and asked to seat myself.

The server was pleasant and efficient so I settled down and stayed.

Duke's is a fish house/ brew pub. But the presence of beer is really muted. The menu reflects this duality. I stayed on the fish side.

I had a combo of fried Alaskan cod and clam chowder. The fries were good, seasoned and sprinkled with parm. The fish is battered AND panko breaded. A bit much I thought, but it was crunchy and crispy, not as thick as I feared. the chowder was really good, even if there was too much sand in the plentiful clams. The cole slaw was so sesame I passed on it. I like mine creamy, not Asian.

I will go back and bring Mrs. ExecHobo, a real fan of chowder.

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