Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wildfire Restaurant Review

Wildfire is like finding a refuge of dining in a town of diners. Nice, tasteful, muted decor. A big woodfired oven in direct view. Impressive. But then, the music was loud and raucous, jangly rock mixed with loud ballads.

Service strike one- asked for water with no ice, so the server poured the water while holding the ice. Ice water. Thoughtless. Was this to be another Olympic Peninsula dining disappointment?

It began to improve from there.  The menu had several items that were appealing.  Mussels stood out, but we passed.  The meat too.  We passed on the artichoke dip- too mundane.  The thing we wanted for an app was smoked salmon, baked brie and crostini.  We then selected pizza, what we were there for.

The app was good, decent salmon, if a bit on the small side for the price.  It is definitely a very light app for one, and sharing makes it an amuse bouche.  We ordered pizza with white sauce, artichokes, capers, and one called a meat lover's- sausage, pepperoni.

The pizza was good, a perfect crust.  The ingredients were very good also.  They were compromised though by someones pathological need to load on cheese.  The cheese was heaped in the middle, what we call "center loading" in the business, exacerbating the problem.  The problem?  These well conceived pizzas, cooked in an oven with a lovingly tended wood fire, were undercooked and soggy in the center.  All this potential compromised in a gooey, wet pile of cheese.  So sad.  Of course when you charge $17 for a 12" pizza, you may feel compelled to load it up and compensate with weight.

I will go back, and will request less sauce and half the cheese, hoping that will solve the issue.

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