Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cipollini Restaurant Review

When One is shopping at the toney Manhasset Americana, one simply must nourish oneself in an appropriate establishment, mustn't one?

Cipollini is the only place close at hand. And yes, that is the correct spelling.

Decor is warm, clean and inviting. Not Italian chic, not kitchy faux trattoria. Good.

We returned here a couple of times just because of the bread. As good as it gets, as good as good bread in France, with a floral, rich olive oil. Worth the trip for this, a San Pelegrino and people watching.

The rest of the menu was very well done. Salads simple and delicious, delightful. Risotto perfectly cooked. Skirt steak too. This place is a real delight. We sat on the patio in the sun with the beautiful people who shop at Americana Manhasset and felt rich with the experience.

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