Thursday, March 31, 2011

Copper Chimney

Murray Hill in Manhattan is an area with Indian restaurant on every corner. In some areas this is a literal statement. Competition is fierce.

I love this cuisine. It is as if the cradle of the spice trade took thousands of years to evolve flavor and cooking styles. Oh wait. They did! But for some reason they didn't work on service in that time.

We always take a walk to Lexington Ave to find an Indian restaurant, and make it our way to try new ones each time.  As we neared Lex, we went by Copper Chimney.  On the door it says "Tasty Indian Cuisine".  And it looked more like a restaurant that a curry shop, so in we went.

We are glad we did, for it was delicious!  In fact, so good was it, we have been back again.  Although the lemon pickles were about inedible, everything else made up for that.  Very subtle, clever use of spices.

Copper Chimney is worth a return trip- we will have to force ourselves to walk past it to continue exploration.

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