Friday, March 18, 2011

Landmark Diner

When you walk into a restaurant and smell a mix of hot coffee and hamburgers, and hear the clank of heavy china, itsa diner. Also called a coffee shop. These places bathe you in warmth, sounds and smells when you enter that say "Relax, take a load off and set a spell."

On route 25 out on Long Island, the Landmark does this.

Service is prompt and no nonsense. Take a menu, read it, place your order, get your food, eat. That's the way you want it at breakfast, lunch, or late at night.

The food is good, portions hearty, and the cheesecake is better than in Manhattan.

We also had corned beef hash and French toast at the counter.  It was good.  The hash had a nice seasoning, with lots of black pepper, and the challah bread French toast is tasty and tender, without being too much of anything.  

If you are out on Long Island, around Manhasset, take the trouble to find the Landmark, and have a bite to eat.  Worth a bit of a detour.  

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