Monday, March 14, 2011

What is a 4 star hotel?

Not the #Garden City hotel. It may belong to the elite list of
"preferred" hotels, but that does not mean it's a four star hotel.

Yes, the restaurant #Rein is excellent, albeit pricey, the gold and
glass renaissance lobby is manned by a concierge, and doormen.

Yes, there are meeting rooms, an excellent fitness center, from which
I got kicked out at 9:00 PM --closing--and a grand piano out of tune.

Yes the rooms are spacious, equipped with a mini bar, the linens well
above average quality, the TV a flat screen (that did not work well).

Yes there is a phone in the loo, they repaired the in-the-room air
conditioner/heater that kept us up all night the very next day.

Yes WIFI is available for $26 extra per day ($12.95 per person- we
don't share laptops)...forget that!!

So why not a four star? It's all in the details...

Mold, peeling wall covering, dirt
    Water Damage under the window, painted over- source of the smell?
  • The room stinks of mold, probably from the leaky window, the off-white--or beige? carpet repels bare feet.
  • The furniture is outdated and over used, the greenish couch sagging, and the drapes dusty.
  • The king bed is not stable, we have only 2 pillows, not enough hangers, no room in the bathroom for our stuff.
  • The bathroom: moldy tile, old black bottomed tub, clingy shower curtains, an incredibly loud toilet that takes for ever to refill itself.
  • The minuscule coffee post is located next to the toilet, and the coffee is years aged. Good for wine, not so for coffee.
  • They vacuumed next door at 10:30 PM, woke us up early to clean the room
  • One of the two robes disappeared after the first night.
  • Turn down service? First night: 2 chocolates..nice touch!... Next night, only one chocolate on my partner's side, what about me?

Conclusion? Not a four star hotel until the facility gets a facelift and housekeeping gets trained!  It is a hotel wasteland out here on Long Island, but this one is worth avoiding at the price they charge.

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